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IIR, FIR filter:

Low-pass, high-pass, band-pass filter and band suppressor can individual to be adjusted. Band-pass filter and band suppressor are mutually usable. With FIR filters the order of the filter from 16 to 512 is adjustable. This corresponds to a resolution of frequency of approx. 700 to 22 Hz with 11025 Hz Samplingrate. In the case of high order the computer load is higher than when small order. Therefore the computer load is with IIR filters smaller, there it a smaller order possesses during same resolution of frequency.

Noise filter:

This filter removes noise by the use of dynamic filtering and dynamic gain.

Irregular signal filter:

This filter removes tones with an irregular spectral character, which can be suppressed badly by comb filters or band filters.

Peak filter:

With strong peaks this filter can be used. However the cost of computation is still very high and the function is not optimized at present.

Hum filter:

When periodic disturbances this hum filter with comb filter effect is applicable. 2 pre-defined filters for 50 and 60 Hz of disturbances, 1 filter with adjustable frequency and 1 filter with unsolicited frequency are usable. The range is with approximately 2 per cent with that the filter on the basic frequency to look can.

Frequency tuning:

Hereby signals can be shifted into their original frequency location. Is particularly in the short wave listening if the receiver not correctly to the transmitter frequency be adjusted can. The resolution amounts to 1/10 Hz and is adjustable with the UpDown keys. For signals with reverse location the signal can be inverted (USB - LSB switch).


Here options for the announcement can be adjusted. Like FFT- smoothing and background colour.

Key allocations:

For the 6 memory keys of the Frontends the filter options can be individually stored here. First the storage location is to be preselected and then can a name in the editfield be registered and stored.

Wave device parameters:

Attitude of input and output device, mixer attitudes. There are in each case 2 sources of mixer for entrance and exit. suminput or sumoutput designates the attitudes for the composite signals individually dependent on the wave device present is. All other sources of mixer are preselectable and the associated attitudes such as volume and mute can be edited.